Welcome to DataKraft,

In the last 8 years we have been using our cutting edge no coding software platform to design powerful bespoke database applications for our customers that meet their exact needs fast and on a low budget.
We specialise in projects that can’t be addressed with fixed packaged software, and where powerful data management and visibility is core to the business of the customer. Our solutions can also be maintained in-house without coding, reducing overall cost of ownership and keeping complete control in-house.

  • No need to accept compromises to meet your project deadlines or budget
  • No dependency on developers for programming
  • Solutions evolve quickly and easily as business needs change
  • Broad scale of features and functionality available
  • Deploy on premises or in the Cloud
  • Wide range of databases supported.

And, with our designs, the standard DataKraft User Interface looks familiar to users. With little or no learning curve to contend with, your users can generally start actively using their application with minimal training, with a very fast time to value.

Contact us on +353 1 440 3750 or infoweb@datakraft.net

If you have a business/administration problem that you know is costing your business time and money, solving these problems is what we do best.