Improve your service to the public by using a tailored database application.
Reduce time spent on mundane tasks. Keep costs under control.

Each application is fully customised to your needs

DataKraft Studio can solve virtually any database management problem. Because it requires no code or development, the main features of your application can be designed and validated live, with you watching, in a few hours. Full development can be done in a few days, as opposed to weeks or months. And extreme flexibility means easy maintenance and evolution.

Security and ease-of-use

DataKraft Studio has the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook and its navigation is as intuitive as the Web. As a result, users find DataKraft applications familiar and they are able to hit the ground running.
Your data is secured thanks to security profiles that are defined by you, and which grant appropriate access to each user.

Integration is just a matter of a click

DataKraft Studio supports all leading databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access) and integrates with other business management systems, as well as Microsoft Office applications. This means you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, so your staff productivity and work satisfaction will increase.

If you have specific requirements, we can design you a custom solution from scratch.

If you already work with a developer or an IT Services company, ask them to contact us. When they start using DataKraft Studio as their development tool, you’ll find that cost and delivery times improve dramatically.

You can also contact us directly for advice.

Using DataKraft, I can track budgets at a task, phase or project level and I can manage my outsourced services by reconciling invoices against project tasks. DataKraft was able to tailor the solution to our exact needs within a few days, and we have reduced our work by several days per month in reporting and budget tracking alone.
Louise O’Herlily
PM, An Cheim (Ireland)